Beliefs (05-03-17)


As a young boy, I can remember my Mother telling me that I am only as good as…


At the end of the day, all you will ever have is your beliefs.  An American writer Henry Miller once said, “What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their ability to act according to their beliefs.”  Regardless what grade, sport, or gender we all have been living our lives through our beliefs.  so what are your beliefs?  Are they helping you to become the player you want to be to play at the highest level?  Unless you are one of the few gifted athletes with a natural ability to believe in yourself, we all will ride the roller coaster of inconsistency.  The reason why is simple.  We don’t have enough knowledge to know we have the ability to change our situation by focusing on beliefs that move us in the direction of our dreams.  This is what this class is about.  You will learn not only what a belief is but how you can change the ones you don’t need and replace them with those that speak the same language of your goals.  You will be taught the same strategies elite athletes use to conquer their sport.  The Beliefs class is design to help you improve your game from the inside out.  During the 5 day class each day will provide you with new knowledge that you can put into action immediately.  

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