WTFAQs is an exclusive platform that set the stage for basketball people around the world to showcase their talents through linked videos and social networking.

Absolutely! is a Website that is specifically designed to bring together like-minded individuals to create a world for the people who eat sleep and breathe basketball. 

This website is for ALL boys and girls middle school and high school basketball players and their Parents. AAU Coaches and their Organizations as well as the Trainers who physically teach the game of basketball.

It is our ongoing curriculum-based program that gives our members the tools they need to be successful on and off the court. This isn’t what you would see in a normal classroom environment. We teach through storytelling, skits, and exclusive interviews of highly successful people. We seek the knowledge of professional athletes of all sports, coaches, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, actors and pretty much any highly successful person who can help and inspire the members of the MSTM to reach those same kinds of results.

There is a video lesson that will be available every week. Most lessons will have either some type of exercise and/or MP3 that will help remove the challenges that are faced with that particular topic. We use not only what’s in the curriculum but also look towards current events to teach how your mind and your emotions play a big part in your experiences on and off the court.

For a typical membership of this caliber elsewhere, it can easily cost you anywhere from $89 to $100 a month. We know this because we belonged to a few of them! But here at, we don’t charge that much; in fact, we charge nowhere near that price. To join today, we will lock you in at the low introductory price of $15 a month as long as you stay with the membership.


Good question. Our purpose is not to milk as much money as we can from our members. Our reason is simple – We want to give you more than what you pay for. We look at it like this: It will cost you more money to order a pizza than it will to change a person’s life.

Absolutely… NOT. We wouldn’t want to be tied into a contract so why would we do that to you? You pay for each month as long as you want to stay, but if for whatever reason you choose to leave, simply cancel your membership and we will stop charging the fee. Note: Once you cancel your membership, if you decide to come back, you, will start over at the beginning of the program and rather than where you left off. Because this a progressive program we reward those who choose to stick with it and continue to change their lives.

Since the upgrade of our website we are gathering all the information necessary to create an incredible app that gives you all the features our members use on a daily basis. So be patient, my friend, it’s in the works!

Without a doubt!  Our highest priority we have here at is to ensure every member on our site will be able to enjoy the environment we created without the fear of having their personal information being shared, sold, or distributed.  To learn more about COPPA, please cliq here.

Well actually it’s both, but it depends on you. exist to be the stage for the basketball world which signing up to become a part of the cliq is free.  However, for those players who have the drive to be successful on as well as off the court, The Mental Skills Training Program provides the tools to make that a reality for those exclusive members.


Dear Parent or Guardian Tab:


Welcome to! Thank you so much for giving your child(ren) permission to be part of! I am so excited to have them here in a very safe and fantastic basketball community.

As a parent, safety for my children is one of the most important responsibilities that I take very seriously. I can promise you that I will make every effort to ensure that the HoopCliq environment is very safe and the site will be closely monitored.

Your child’s safety on the HoopCliq website is our number one priority.

WILL terminate any membership that poses a threat to the safety of the learning and enjoyment of its members in the community. I encourage you and your child to report anything that presents discomfort during your time with us at

I can assure you that your child’s information will NOT be sold, shared, or repeated for any reason unless you are first contacted. This is an exclusive community and I will go the distance to keep this website at its purest intentions.

I also strongly encourage you to be a part of this experience, not only to give yourself the extra peace of mind in what activities your child is involved in, but also to connect with other parents who want to be a part of this experience too.’s mission is to provide a safe and friendly environment that serious middle and high school basketball players  can come together and share the common goal of taking their game to the next level.

We at are excited to be a part of  your child’s  process to becoming a better individual on and off the court.

For any questions or concerns please email us at or call toll free at 1-800-326-0093.


Kindest Regards,

Garrett B. Richardson, CELC.

Certified Emotion Life Coach

Having our parents on the site gives them an opportunity to connect with other parents in their cliq for a variety of reasons. As a parent, you will have the peace of mind that you belong to the same website that your child(ren) are on. Our only priority is the safety of the kids on our website. With most of our team here at being parents as well, we understand the concern our parents would have being a part of a social network. It makes it very easy for us to make our sole purpose to protect our young athletes. With that being said, parents can meet other parents to create teams, and cliqs within our network. There are so many opportunities here for our parents and we are actually in the process of creating a MSTM for parents! Our goal for them is that they too have the opportunity to change their lives as well as be mentally trained to support their child in a way that helps them reach their goals. Stay tuned!

We understand here at, that in order to be recruited by any college or university and their coaches, they must first know you exist which is why we are in the process of including scouting services for all of our Mental Skills Training members in the near future! When you register  and become a Mental Skills Training member, you have all the capabilities that come with the free social network and the opportunity to:

  • (1) 3-5 Minute Introduction Video For Academic Recruiter
  • Upload Up To 10 Minutes Of Your Highlights(YouTube Or Computer)
  • Post GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Test Scores (ACT and SAT Scores)
  • Post-Stats And Schedules

Videos Are Automatically Uploaded To Our Video Vault For Coaches To Scout

Scout-  a person sent out by a team to observe and recommend new talent for recruitment.

Recruit–  to engage in finding and attracting students-athletes to attend their College or University.

Scouting is the initial process before an athlete can be recruited.  Once the player is scouted (found and evaluated), and the coach is interested, he/she will then show interest to the player by recruiting him/her.

The answer is simple; by bringing the Colleges and Universities and their coaches to  You see coaches cannot be everywhere and see everyone who plays the game of basketball, so you can just imagine how many players they missed out on because of it.  Now they have a place where they can scout and communicate with players like you by following the rules that allow coaches to communicate with players.

To treat this opportunity very seriously!  You now have a place where you can promote yourself by putting raw footage on your profile for coaches and educators to scout.  But that’s just half of it!  Your profile represents who you are and how you can benefit from those who come across your space.  Be aware!  Those who may be interested in you can see the activity on your profile, so if you want to show them you are the perfect fit for their program on and off the court, I highly suggest your actions represent that too.

Absolutely!  Most states have some kind of “no pass no play” rule in place so that you can excel in the classroom just as much as you do on the court.  Besides, most coaches won’t waste their time scouting a player who doesn’t have their grades and test scores in order.

Don’t worry; you are not completely out of the game.  You still have Division III, NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics), and Junior colleges  in place that can still scout and pursue you. team verifies every College Coach and Academic Recruiter. It is our top priority is to ensure the Website’s environment remains true to the purpose.  If you don’t see the VERIFIED label on the profile, then be aware of who is interacting with you.

A Super Highlight Film! Gather all of your games and put the very best of you on there.  What is also recommended is to put together a 1-3 minute video resume.  This will give academic recruiters as well as coaches who are interested in you a chance to actually get to know you on a more personal level.

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