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About the Cliq.

We refer to our online community as the Cliq.  The platform gives middle school and high school athletes a powerful online place to meet, safely and securely.  Now you can connect with players your age (and soon Professionals) who love basketball just as much as you do. teammates will receive:

 Feature: Mental Training Strategies

Benefit: To allow our members the knowledge that separates the good from the great.

Feature: Can Ask Questions and Receive Answers on the Podcast

Benefit: To help your athlete make better decisions on and off the court by sharing strategies from the stories of our Cliq members.

Feature: Access to hoopcliq Academy

Benefit:  Getting access to the classes on hoopcliq Academy will help your athlete to improve their game from the inside out.

Feature: Exclusive Interviews

Benefit: The interviews you will on Hoopcliq will only be produced to give your athlete the inside information to make them better on the court as well as academically.

Feature:  Personal Profile

Benefit: This isn’t like any other personal profile. The profile is design to create a resume for your athlete.  Players, professionals, as well as coaches and academic recruiters can utilize your child’s resume to learn more about them.

Feature: Personal Video Channel

Benefit: Just like YouTube your athlete will be able to upload highlights so that they are able to showcase their talents to the entire hoopcliq network.

Feature: Links to YouTube Videos or Upload Directly to Your Channel

Benefit: There is no question that YouTube is the best platform to showcase your athlete’s talent. I mean, we are on there too, but one of our big missions is to laser in on the opportunity to connect your athlete with those who can carry them into their next chapter of their life.

Feature:  Access to Professionals Who Want to Help You Win (Coming Soon)

Benefit:  We work diligently on getting Professionals such as basketball trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, Nutritionist, Middle school, High school, and AAU coaches to create videos that will improve your athlete’s game.

Feature:  Instant Messaging

Benefit:  Okay.  Yes, we know messaging is almost a staple no matter what platform you use, but to be able to connect with College Coaches and their Academic Recruiters, changes the game!  Our goal is to connect your athlete with these universities all while staying within the rules and regulations of NCAA.

Feature:  Post Stats & Schedules

Benefit: Posting your schedule and/or stats to your game is valuable information to those who may have an interest in your athlete.  The more these coaches and recruiters know about your athlete, the better they can determine if he/she is the right fit.

Feature:  Live Tutoring (Coming Soon)

Benefit:  We know that being able to play the game of basketball is a big part of making it to the next level; however, we also know that if you don’t have the grades, your athlete doesn’t have the grades, they will find their journey of basketball ending a lot sooner than they want it to.  That is why we are working with colleges and teachers to come on live on our hoopcliq network and provide additional help for our members who want or need the help.

Feature:  Safe & Secure Online Experience

Benefit:  With everything going on in our world today, our number one mission is to keep this platform at its purest form. This is the most important piece to our business, period.

Feature:  Academic Recruiters and College Coaches On The Platform Scouting For Players (Coming Soon)

Benefit:  Having coaches and academic recruiters on a platform specifically to find the players they need to help them be successful is what every athlete wants to experience. The hoopcliq team is working behind the scenes to get Colleges and Universities on the platform to not only help them find players they may have not heard of but to also give members (like your athlete) a chance to live out their dreams of playing at the next level.

Feature:  So Much More!

Benefit:  How is this a benefit? Because there are many features that you will find once you become a part of the Cliq!  Why wait?  It’s free.

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